Recently I am testing more experimental style which made possible via utilizing Helicoid Mount Adapter.
Here’s some examples I made so far.

In this posting I’ll tell what the actural object was:
(I didn’t it on Flickr).

This one is pretty easy, thin slice of lemon with some sugar.

Traffic signal with some dirt.

Tringle formed antique bottle filled with algae(!)

Ikea carafe filled with water.

Short wine glass which I don’t know the official name for. Trattoria wine glass filled with redwine.

Almost all stuffs are pretty plain, daily object but it’s quite fun to see through objects via macro-finder..
Feels like as if ant were or something like that.

Through this I enjoying really to find incledible microscopic life if you concentrate your view at tiniest detail of daily objects.
And again it’s so nice to doing these kind of experimental stuff still with 35mm standard lens which I use for daily snapshot.