* EDIT : Through advice of my good friend, I removed all the pictures which may conflict against current legal situation in Germany.


After I started to taking pictures on the street,
I realize how hard to archive good pictures and at the same time
being “nice” to other people.
In my basic style I use Voigtländer Heliar 75mm f1.8 on NEX-7 which equals 115mm in 35mm equivalent.
This is pretty sweet FoV in gerne street photography so far for me.

My eye



One common advantage in the big city like here in Berlin is that people are possibly
got used to see people holding their cameras and walking around them.
So you have much more chance to capture great moments because
you won’t catch unnecessary attention with your camera.

One common disadvantage in the same situation is that
people are awfully worried about being shooted and after all what will he/she will do with their “stolen pics”


I think almost every street photographer has different attitude about this topic.
What still remaining for me personally is the question what is the working strategy
to doing street photography without attacking other people.

One friend of mine told me about small unfortunate case and it was like following:
He hold his camera in small cafe toward to his friends, suddenly someone came to my friend
from the backroom and asked if he took his picture and at last he ordered to erase pics, stressful situation.


My basic attempt in street photography is putting people in their very unique and individual scene
and bringing these people’s thought and life onto foreground.
I emphasize myself very much with thought that every people has their own life in very original and individual way.
But our busy daily life enforces us not to watch this fact, or understand people surrounding you as anonymous mass.
Maybe this is one extreme example which I do not want to believe.
Photography is the one of most powerful tool to communicate these kind of thought, therefore I shoot.

Somewhere I saw statement like following which I can’t reconstruct anymore from where I got originally.

One possible attempt and one simple but clever answer about this problem, I am the opinion that can kill the core aesthetic of street photography though.

Street Photography ≠ Portrait(which has been setted up)

Just in my case.


Here’s some of my work which I really like.
Hopefully you enjoy this.


  1. Alex D wrote:

    Personally, 75mm (115mm) is too long and the subjects in the pictures look ‘distant’; somehow reminded me of taking photographs in the zoo. Else, everything looks good but I’m sure it would look even better if a shorter focal length is being used (i.e. 50mm in 35mm equil.)

    Good luck and keep it up!

    • a60aki wrote:

      Alex, first of all thank you for your constructive comment. I appreciate it very much.
      Pretty interesting, about the aspect with “Zoo”-ish, you are definitery right!
      Furthermore, most of them are cropped to isolate subject, therefore sometimes pictures look a way too close and there’s less interaction between subject and its environment.
      Fortunatery I have exact 35mm which produces approx. 50mm focal lendth on my APS-C camera. Actually I tend to use this lens for taking pictures of much smaller objects like plants and flowers.
      But it will be definitery worth going out with this lens.